I've been where you are right now! Pretending that I was all good to the world but when I looked in the mirror I wasn't happy with what I saw! Clothes didn’t fit; I felt down and fed-up knowing I wanted to be better but had no idea how or where to start.


Trust me it's not easy, but if it were we would all be happy and have the body we wanted. 


Over the years, I've personally had many ups and downs… But with hard work, focus and determination I was able to master the things that worked and not just for me, I was able to help all my clients reach their personal goals too.

I'd always been the fat kid, fat teen and funny enough the fat adult but in 2013 I hit an all-time low, after playing with my son in the park I realised that I was unable to keep up and felt slight chest pains.  


After seeing a doctor and weighing in at a huge 23 stone, I knew I had to change something or I may not be around to see my son grow up!


After years of training and hard work, countless hours of studying to become a personal trainer and an advanced sports nutritionist I'm in a much better place and can now say I'm the fittest, healthiest and happiest I've ever been.


I always tell my clients you get four types of personal trainer... The ones smart enough to pass a test but unable to put what they have learned into practice.


The ones who can do it for themselves but not for others. Ones who can do it for others but not for themselves and lastly the ones who can do It for themselves and for everyone they train.


I now know and believe that I can control my body 100x better than ever before,  I understand my food, I choose the right foods for my body that help to boost my energy levels, decrease body fat and beat the cravings.


Not many people can say that they love what they do every day, so I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.


I love my job and get so excited about the opportunity to help people change their lives, not just in the gym, but in every aspect of the journey! as it is more than just physical.


Much Love

Kent Alexis-Roye



£45.00 / PER SESSION

Personal Consultation

Weight and Body Measurements

Progress Pictures

1 - 3 PT Sessions Per Week*

Monthly Progress Checks

Food Advice

Help and Support

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£280.00 / 8x Sessions

All Inclusive PT Package

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Level 3 Personal Trainer 


Level 4 Fat Loss & Weight Management

Level 5 Advanced Sports Nutritionist

Level 4 Sports Injury and Recovery

Extreme Weight Loss


Advanced Bootcamp Coach


Spin Instructor

Boxing Coach

Fight Camp Coach

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